Century Beats are made combining organic sounds, guitar motifs, old school groovy bass lines, and modern instruments such as the synthesizer to create a very unique sound. A combination made from pieces of each decade.


  These beats are made by Producer Rafael Hadad who brings together a vast background in both music and business. Rafael Hadad is an artist and audio engineer born and raised in Mexico. Rafael is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and a skilled guitarist. He graduated from Hollywood's Audio Engineering Program at the Musician's Institute, securing his pursuit of creative arts, but not before achieving a degree in International Business - and a Certificate in Neuromarketing, but there was never any doubt that music was what called throughout it all.


  Since shifting to creativity again, Rafael bagged a role as an Intern at Sound Factory / Serenity West Studios in Hollywood - a renowned venue that welcomes artists like Miguel, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Aerosmith, Adele, Justin Bieber, Diddy, Justin Timberlake, and many others. He also stood as an intern at Tree4ort Records in 2018 - a hip 




hop recording studio and label on Sunset Blvd, Hollywood.

  Having worked alongside infamous CEO's like Phil Harrington, Rafael has undoubtedly developed a strong understanding of the music industry. His passion has taken him all in, ultimately seeing him start his own band - Mr. Bliss - and booking a number of gigs across Hollywood to keep that passion high and those skills developing.

  As a musician, Rafael was trained in Guitar Performance in 2018 at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. His Audio Engineering program coincided, and his Logic Pro X training was soon certified by Apple.


  To date, Rafael has worked on two full studio albums - standing alongside engineer Sergio Aguilar for his album Green, overseeing the composition and the raw mixing process with Logic Pro. He also co-wrote and produced 11 songs for the project Fat Bones, with Eduardo Salazar, and collaborated in depth during the songwriting, composition and mixing journeys.


  Rafael is taking the entire process head on - writing, performance, musicianship, collaboration, networking, recording, mixing, producing, marketing - creativity and business must unite in order to have an impact; something that undeniably runs throughout all of Rafael's decisions.